Tiller Family Foundation

Tiller Family Foundation

Tiller Family Foundation is a non-profit entity created by the family of Nick Tiller. The foundation supports causes locally and globally. Giving is broad and generous, but the foundation focuses on causes close to the Tiller family‚Äôs heart — education, children, cancer research, animals, and the environment.

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Tiller Family Foundation Supports These Causes

Tiller Family Foundation supports non-profit organizations that are making the world a better place. The United States system of free enterprise has allowed many to create and accumulate wealth. We believe people who have been so fortunate have an obligation to give back to the communities and the nation in which they succeeded. Tiller Family Foundation believes that philanthropists and foundations better allocate capital to worthy causes that can create measurable impact rather than politicians and governments. Philanthropy is personal. Passion and expertise in particular locales and sectors are natural and healthy outcomes for foundations. Accordingly, Tiller Family Foundation has conducted extensive due diligence on the following organizations. In full support of their missions and goals, we encourage individuals to consider joining us in donating and supporting these causes.

Tiller Family Foundation is a charitable organization under Code Section 501(c)(3). It is a private foundation. Individuals may make tax deductable donations to Tiller Family Foundation. Substantiation for all contributions will be provided.

Tiller Family Foundation does not accept grant applications. For individuals seeking assistance, we recommend ModestNeeds.org. For educators seeking assistance we recommend DonorsChoose.org. Both of these non-profits have received support from Tiller Family Foundation.